The Human Touch

At the CIPD London Future of Work conference last Monday we were asked in the keynote speech “Would you want a hug from a robot?”.  The rise of automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on the future of work is a theme gaining increasing momentum and attention.     I am told that... Continue Reading →

A Question to end all questions...     When it comes to analytics there is only one metric your company needs to figure out, the rest should flow through naturally: How does your company's data-cycle serve you? - usually met with scepticism, or blank faces, when I ask this. - I think the reason why people... Continue Reading →

The EVP is dead…

...long live the EVP! Wait....what is an EVP? An employee value proposition (EVP) is a way of looking at the whole package you offer your employees, not just how much you pay them but something more holistic. There are a number of models but at Cloud9 People we follow the model set down by Henk Verhoek Reward... Continue Reading →

Insert gender pay click bait here…

There is a lot in the press at the moment about the imminent requirement for companies with over 250 employees to declare their gender pay gap figure. You will have seen attention grabbing headlines like Women are working two hours for free each week And Men earn 14% more than their female counterparts All of which... Continue Reading →

Schrödinger’s annual review principle

There has been a lot of conversations happening about people stopping the Annual review in their company. Some people have been waving a flag calling the move as being progressive and removing outmoded and unnecessary effort. Others have been looking on and no doubt tutting internally at the foolishness of these companies in removing what... Continue Reading →

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