A mixtape in the key of understanding

#HRMixtape2018 #HRMixtape Thanks Mark Hendy for this fab idea! Here is my mixtape in the key of understanding…. Much of what happens in work and in HR is about people being people, doing people stuff with other people, of course there is much that is about policies, transactional doing stuff, process and suchlike but it... Continue Reading →

Step out of the comfort zone

I recently had the pleasure of being asked to do the keynote opening presentation at a conference, my subject was Employee Engagement, Employee Wellbeing and the impact on Productivity AND how people analytics can help measure all of these. I am pretty comfortable with all areas of this presentation. However, my audience was not my... Continue Reading →

A Question to end all questions...     When it comes to analytics there is only one metric your company needs to figure out, the rest should flow through naturally: How does your company's data-cycle serve you? - usually met with scepticism, or blank faces, when I ask this. - I think the reason why people... Continue Reading →

The EVP is dead…

...long live the EVP! Wait....what is an EVP? An employee value proposition (EVP) is a way of looking at the whole package you offer your employees, not just how much you pay them but something more holistic. There are a number of models but at Cloud9 People we follow the model set down by Henk Verhoek Reward... Continue Reading →

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