Are you using data to inform your wellbeing & reward strategy?

If not, why not?

We have all seen the big data health statistics:

  • 1 in 4 people will have a mental health issue
  • 1 in 5 adults smoke
  • 30 million days are lost due to muscular skeletal conditions
  • 33% of people could not afford to pay an unexpected health bill

Data is vital to enable us to make good commercial decisions and the right people decisions, however data at this macroscopic level mentioned above applies to UK PLC and may not reflect your individual business.

Data at the aggregated level is great at raising awareness of problems at industry, country or demographic levels, and great at starting the conversation or getting people on the bus but ultimately, we know there is an issue…so what?

Employee Wellbeing budgets can be large figures with Private Health Cover, Healthcare trusts, Cashplans, EAP’s, Financial Education, Physical Health initiatives and more all stacking up to one of the largest budgets that will sit in the HR/Reward space.

So if you are spending money like this you want to know that you are spending it in the right places, solving the right problem and you can see improvements in your overall employee wellbeing, which is kind of the point, isn’t it?!

Surely, we need the right data to do this, there is no point introducing amazing schemes to help people stop smoking if no-one in your organisation smokes!

Your circle of health care providers can help, and the level of data from cash plans usage, private medical spend and EAP stats are normally quite robust. The challenge is you normally get this data at the end of the year, or quarterly so spotting trends and reacting to these can be hard to do – and most importantly you only get stats from people after they have had an injury or disease.

We need to be thinking and acting more proactively and using data to prevent health issues before they arise by tailoring our wellbeing strategy and spend where it’s needed the most based on insights and data.

Digital solutions like Healthia seem to allow us to be proactive in thinking about what employee wellbeing means for our people, health assessments allow us to understand what issues might be coming around the corner and this means that rather than looking back and budgeting on trends you can tackle the causes of reduced employee wellbeing hopefully before they happen and reward healthy outcomes.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this new preventative era with digital will change the way in which we approach wellbeing and reward over the coming years.

Hello I am Nick, I am the CEO of Cloud9 People Ltd and I sit on the Healthia Advisory Board where I get involved with all things HR, Employee Engagement and the impact of Wellbeing on Performance.

You can connect with me on social media on twitter @Scruffy_Nick and LinkedIn

Or contact me directly on

At Cloud9 People we help all sizes of companies look at how they can add value to their people conversations, feel free to get in touch and see how we could help you.

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