Long live the EVP!

In our March 2017 blog “The EVP is Dead” we talked about the classic Employee Value Proposition, why communication is important and how to start building your EVP.

This blog can be found here – https://cloud9people.blog/2017/03/08/the-evp-is-dead/

In this blog, we want to talk about using technology to take your company EVP communication to the next level and adding personalisation into the mix.

We will also be looking at how your EVP can grow to start weaving in more of your company culture and drive personalisation even more.


Last time we left you with this:

An EVP is great at describing the company approach to employee pay, benefits, culture and L & D but it’s at a very high level (in the 80’s we’d have said “A helicopter view”)

It’s a broad brush, generic approach and that’s great at showing your company wide offering, but to get maximum value you need to personalise it for the individual with that employee perspective.


When you communicate a generic EVP you accept that you are not engaging with all of your employees

So how do you communicate your EVP at a personal level?

Remember Total Reward Statements?

They are supposed to communicate the Pay and Benefits that your employees receive and they normally look a little like this:


Found somewhere on your benefits website, or printed in a letter that gives this itemised snapshot in time that is supposed to let your employee know just how much you value them they cost you.

To be fair you may get a statement that has some branding on it too;


But whether you think that these are great or not so great we have to accept that they are only telling part of the story

Remember a classic EVP is made up of 4 elements:

  1. Pay
  2. Benefits
  3. Culture
  4. Learning and Development

By only communicating once a year and only 2 of these 4 points you are actively choosing to reduce the impact of this communication tool.

So, let’s bin the Total Reward Statement!

Wait a minute, before we grab the pitch forks and head down this path we need to realise that a good Total Reward Statement is a valuable tool, it is just not doing everything it could be doing!

Building a narrative

People like stories and if you have invested time, effort and money in building your great EVP you want to let people know that they are part of your story and what it means to them.

We developed the Cloud9 People product OurPeopleStory™ to do just this and to bring Total Reward Statements up to date!

Reward is more than pay

More than pay

Using technology you can extend your Total Reward Statement platform, start to build in all your great success stories, challenges ahead or changes in your business and personalise this to the individual and the part they or their department played.

For example Gender Pay, many companies are obliged to publish their pay gap in 2018.

Using platforms like this allows you to  build your internal narrative before you communicate this externally, Gender pay is absolutely about pay, benefits, culture and L&D.


Using technology allows you to make sure that you can link company achievements to employee contribution to these achievements and make it personal to them.


This might be charity giving, team events or their part in helping the company hit its green targets!




Make it yours

The great thing about any EVP model is that you design it around your people and your business, and make it right for you.

If you are still at the early stages of this process that is fine and technology also allows you to go at your own pace and find your way through this.

At Cloud9 People we are experts at designing amazing EVP’s so why not get in touch and let’s get started telling your great people story!

Copy of Reward People All Banners (1)

This blog was written by Nick Court.20160608_093820


You can connect with Nick on social media on twitter @Scruffy_Nick and LinkedIn

Or contact Nick directly on nick@cloud9people.co.uk

At Cloud9 People we help all sizes of companies look at how they can add value to their people conversations, feel free to get in touch and see how we could help you.



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