Could closing the Gender pay gap help mens health?

This is a place holder really, a place to hold an idea until I can test the hypothesis, if you can help or have already looked at this I’d love to hear from you.

I wrote this tweet about the gender gap around mental health and suicide rates.

Tweet can be found here

It got me thinking about the other, more popular in the media, gender gap which is around pay.

Those who know me know that I get a little peeved when people confuse Equal Pay and the gender pay gap (Read this)

But my tweet got me thinking, could closing the gender pay gap have a positive knock on effect for mens health? Then in turn help close the gender gap shown in stark relief in the graph below:

The gender pay gap will only close when we stop thinking about male and female roles.

What if by opening more science technical engineering and maths roles (STEM) to women and by championing female leaders at the highest points in companies we see that it becomes more acceptable for men to be in part time or administrative roles?

  • Would this remove the social burden for men to be the provider?
  • Would more men take roles that are classically lower paid?
  • Would this reduce the pressure of men at work?

I don’t know the answer to these as I said this is a hypothesis.

I would very much like to find out though.

If you know any resources or want to work on this please get in touch however best suites you:

Email –

Twitter – @Scruffy_Nick

LinkedIn – Nicks LinkedIn

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