Schrödinger’s annual review principle

There has been a lot of conversations happening about people stopping the Annual review in their company.

Some people have been waving a flag calling the move as being progressive and removing outmoded and unnecessary effort.

Others have been looking on and no doubt tutting internally at the foolishness of these companies in removing what is a worthwhile tool key to understanding the employee and their performance.



I don’t get the hype if I am honest…

Maybe I have been lucky in the past but I have always worked in an environment where continual feedback is given and the end of year review was a human conversation about the year just gone, the highs and the lows as already discussed and how I would like to progress personally or internally.

There was never any surprise grading at the end of the year – I knew how I was performing because my managers and my peers were encouraged to tell me.

Projects all had three phases

So you always knew the scores on the doors and could change style or approach as you went along accordingly.

So the concept of people having an end of year review to find out how they have performed is alien to me.

It must be the Schrödinger’s annual review principle – All performance levels exist in possibility but the possibility wave is broken down when the grade is observed (given)

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