Benchmarking Pay & Benefits

What’s it all about?

Having the right reward framework in place is key to ensure that you can recruit the best people – but more importantly that you can motivate them, engage them and retain them

Well simply put you employ people, you have a transaction with them for their time, their skills, their personality and all the awesomeness they bring to your organisation.

So if they are bringing all of this to your business what are you doing? What is your sacrifice to them?

For some it’s about Pay…

For others it’s more than this and it covers the whole beautiful breadth of a full bodied and rich Employee Value Proposition (sans fruity aroma and hints of chocolate and oak for most)

Well however you approach this you’re going to need to understand your market and where your proposition sits in this.

Well because if you drift from where you want to be your employees are going to know, they know their worth and they know what they’re willing to do and for what they’re willing to do it for…

…and so should you.

This is where we come in!

When was the last time you health checked your benefits?

When was the last time you reviewed you basic pay?

When was the last time you reviewed your unsocial premiums?

At Cloud9 People we believe that delivering the right employee value proposition (Your engaging employee offering) is vital
However no two companies are the same, and nor should they be!, so developing the right one for you is what we do best.

We will look at Pay, Benefits, Culture and Development and help you have a great story to tell

Contact us to find out more – click below for a coffee and a catch up

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